November 23, 2016
Nairobi Excursions


WELCOME to kibera the biggest slum in East Africa. Kenya bush expeditions tours and travel appreciates your presence in Kenya. Our guides born and living in Kibera will show you the very best of kibera slums. See the ways the people of Kibera improve their lives. The people here are friendly and welcoming.

For the matters of security, a fully armed security will accompany you talking with you freely as you pass through the narrow streets of kibera. Watch as small scale traders continue peacefully with their business.

Children will stop to say, JAMBO, as you walk armed with your camera.

Sounds of Mzungu, Mzungu, from children should not worry you, they are appreciating your visit!

This fantastic tour will last 3 to 4 hours

Our driver will pick you from your city hotel and drop you after the tour. Nowhere, you walk alone. We are with you throughout the tour.
What to see

  • A bead factory: people here are creative. Animal bones are converted to beads and kitchen ware. Watch as women and men sweat on their work.
  • a typical Kibera-house. Feel welcome in one of the houses in Kibera and ask your questions about the day-to-day live in Kibera;
  • The biogas center: a fantastic view over Kibera and picture-point. You can see that also human waste is converted to energy.

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